Crawford is dedicated to a continuous process of technological innovation to help clients achieve their own business goals seamlessly and efficiently. Our technology strategy is guided by our Global Systems Roadmap which comprises several core technologies, including business intelligence; data privacy and cross border data transfer; business process management; mobile technologies; and ultimately a global standardized technology platform.

Our Business Process Management tool is fully enabled and has powered many of the technologies successfully deployed within the Global Systems Roadmap.

Crawford will continue to invest in technology to deliver process improvement, speed, automation and analytics. All are essential components of the Crawford solution, designed to meet the expanding demands of our clients.


We respond to our clients’ ever-increasing cost pressures with processes that drive for continuous efficiency improvements.


Speed and claims processing accuracy are imperative in our business — whether it is a weather-related event affecting millions or a workers comp claim affecting one. Speed matters.


Smarter solutions allow us to offer the innovative services our clients need to succeed.